Google Virtual Tour – Process

Stage 1 - Initial Contact

You may be approached by a Google Trusted Photographer, or you can contact one directly yourself.  There are normally a number to choose from operating in Australian Capital cities and there are also many scattered around regional areas.

Stage 2 - Consultation

At the initial consultation your photographer will confirm whether or not your business is suitable for a virtual tour (or whether some alternative might be better). They will discuss the various options, explain how a virtual tour could benefit your business, and determine which services you will need.

Stage 3 - Quotation

On the basis of discussions at the initial consultation your Photographer will provide a quote.  This may require a site visit (if this hasn’t already taken place) to confirm the scope of the tour, and will probably also include a suggested date/time for the photoshoot.

If you’ve any questions about the Quotation please review these with your photographer and if you go ahead and accept the quote an invoice will be issued.

Stage 4 - Photoshoot

At the agreed date and time of the photoshoot (and once payment has been received), your photographer will arrive on-site and take the agreed photos.  This will involve taking a series of panoramic photos at a number of “nodes” throughout your business.

Depending on the nature of your business, this can probably be done during normal business hours – with little or no disruption to your customers – and would typically take 1/2 to 2 hrs

camera and tripod

Stage 5 - Processing & Publication

Once the photos are complete, your photographer will come back to the office and spend time processing the photos.  This involves converting individual photos to panosheres and aligning the individual panospheres into a constellation to form the Virtual Tour. This would typically take 2-6 hrs.

Once photos have been processed they are submitted to Google for publication.  This typically takes 1-3 days – but can take up to 3 weeks