360° Panoramic Cameras

traditionally the approach to create 360° Panoramas has been to use a  standard DSLR with a wide (or ultrawide or fisheye) lens to take multiple photos and then “stitch” individual photos together to create an equirectangular 360° image to be published or viewed with a special viewer.  In the last few years specialist panoramic cameras (and panoramic apps for smartphone) have become available, but the DSLR and stitching process is still the preferred way by most Photosphere photographers to get the best results.

360° Video Cameras

Until very recently the camera gear that you needed to take reasonable quality 360° Video was complicated and expensive, but 2016 seems to be the year when  Consumer 360° Video cameras will explode… there are dozens of high quality, low cost 360° Video Cameras scheduled for release in 2016… watch this space for updates.

Here is some amazing 360° Video footage (adjust the screen resolution setting to 1080p or higher for best results) :