Google Virtual Tours

“Google Virtual Tours” is a generic term, describing interactive “walk throughs” of a business that are accessible via Google Search and/or Google Maps and are usually (although not always) also hooked into a Google Business Page.

Virtual Tours can be accessed by clicking on the “See Inside” (or sometimes the “See Outside”) link that can be found in the “Knowledge Box” when you search for a business name or service.


Creating a Virtual Tour ?

Google Virtual tours can be created and added to a business via Google’s Street View | Trusted Program (previously known as Business Views, and before that Business Photos) by a Google Trusted Photographer.

The Photographer (commonly known as a TIP) is commissioned to take a series of  Panospheres, process them into a tour using Google’s Street View Editor (which is only available to approved Google Trusted Photographers), and publish the processed tours to Google.

What is involved ?

In ideal circumstances , creating, processing and adding a virtual tour can sometimes be achieved very quickly (within 24hrs), but in practice (depending on how prepared the business is, and how “busy” the Google ingesting and processing system is) would typically take between 3 days and 3 weeks.