The German Cuckoo Clock Nest at Mt Tamborine is one of those business for which a Virtual Tour is just perfect.

When you first walk in the typical initial reaction is “Oh My God… Look at all those clocks”.  Even if you’ve seen photos, it is not until you have actually been there (or seen a virtual tour) that you get a taste of the real experience.

The very first time I walked in the shop, I knew that they HAD to have a virtual tour to try and get across the sheer number and variety of cuckoo clocks they had on display.

They had verified, (but not properly setup) their Google Business Page, and as of 18 Sep 2015 had just over 81,000 views.

We assisted them by :

  • Managing their Business Page and add new logo, cover photo, and point of interest photos
  • Shooting, processing and publishing the Virtual Tour
See below various ways the tour has been used to raise the profile of the Cuckoo Clock Nest online :

  • Google Search – (note the “See Inside” Link in the Knowledge Box on the right)
  • Google Maps – (again, click the “See Inside” link)
  • Google+ – their optimised Google Business Page (Scroll down for the See Inside view) –
  • Virtual Tour – A direct Link to their Virtual Tour

One of the challenges of this shoot was the big front door, with bright glaring  sunshine outside and a much darker interior.  The 1st panosphere inside the front door is a bit of a compromise between dark and light, but most of the rest of the tour really does justice to the interesting and unusual products on display.

One added bonus of the tour is that if remote customers ask about a particular type of clock over the phone, staff can find it on the tour, zoom in on it, and send them a link showing them the exact clock (e.g.

It looks fantastic you’ve done a great job. Also thank you for updating our business page and adding some more photos.

Anton (German Cuckoo Clock Nest)


  • Online Marketing
  • Enhanced Online Visibility
  • More Traffic to Website
  • Increased Enquiries & Sales