Urban Climb (West End) has been around for a while and because of it’s specialist nature, already had pretty good rankings on Google – and lots of followers on Social Media as well.

Urban Climb is tucked away in a warehouse at West End.. and it is not until you walk in the you realise just how extensive their climbing wall facilities are.  A Virtual Tour is a great way to show potential customers what they have to offer and encourage them to come in and check it out…

They had not claimed or verifioed their Google Business Page and had very limited exposure in Google Search Knowledge Graph.

We provided them with instructions on how to claim, verify and setup their Business Page effectively.

We scheduled a photo shoot for the virtual tour – 9PM one evening when there were people around (to show activity) but it wasn’t crazy busy.

We Photographed, Processed and Published the virtual tour – all within 6 days.

See below various ways the tour has been used to raise the profile of the Urban Climb online :

  • Google Search – (note the “See Inside” Link in the Knowledge Box on the right)
  • Google Maps – (again, click the “See Inside” link)
  • Google+ – their optimised Google Business Page (Scroll down for the See Inside view) –
  • Virtual Tour – A direct Link to their Virtual Tour
  • … and you can see an example of the Virtual Tour embedded in a website above…

Their Business Page had received for than 26,000 views within a fortnight of it going live.


  • Business Page Creation & Setup
  • Enhanced Online Visibility
  • More Traffic to Website
  • Increased Enquiries & Sales