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Andy Henderson

Google Trusted Photographer

Whilst I try not to think of myself as a “Professional Photographer”, I have been passionate about photography for more than 3 decades.

I consider virtual tours to be an inexpensive and very effective way to raise the online profile of a business, and consider my cameras to be “tools” for promoting and marketing businesses on the web.

I have a background in Web Development (> 25 years), have run my own Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Agency ( > 15 years) and have been a part of Google’s Virtual Tour programs since August 2014.


I was originally attracted to Virtual Tours because of the SEO benefits and dramatically improved online visibility they offer small business owners.  Having a virtual tour may not have any direct impact on the rankings of your website, but once it is attached to a Google Business Page (and your business page is properly setup), it dramatically increase the likelihood of your business showing up on Google Search and Google Maps.

I specialise in virtual tours for small business. I love getting out and about – visiting small business owners and explaining the benefits a Google Business Page and Virtual Tour.  I tend to work closely with owners, helping them to claim, verify and optimise their business page. I also help BOs incorporate the virtual tour into their website, and can offer advice, assistance and training towards creating, managing and optimising small business websites (especially WordPress based ones).

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