Business Views changes to Street View | Trusted

google-trusted-photographerAnnounced a couple of months earlier, the “sunsetting” of Google’s Business Views (Previously known as Business Photos) program, and the commencement of the new Street View | Trusted program took place on 3rd September 2015.

google-streetview-trusted-photographerStreet View | Trusted is in many ways similar to Business Views – but many of the more stringent rules and guidelines have been relaxed or eliminated completely.  It is now possible for a Trusted Photographer (certified for Street View | Trusted) to take photos in any country (except China), for virtually any type of business (including hotels) – except for premises which currently (or may in the future) have permanent residents.

It is now possible for anyone (whether they are certified or not) to submit Panoshperes via the New Street View App, however only Trusted Photographers can link virtual tours to Business pages.

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Andy has a background in Web Development, Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation and a Passion for Photography (particularly Virtual Tours, Timelapse and Light Painting)

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